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The dream of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars is closer to reality than ever before. SpaceX is at the forefront of creating a transportation system, while The Mars Society focuses on developing the necessary surface logistics and infrastructure. If you share our vision of transforming humans into a multiplanetary species, we invite you to be part of this groundbreaking journey. By purchasing and utilizing Marscoin, you support the nonprofit Mars Society’s efforts and make a direct contribution to the exploration and colonization of Mars.

Marscoin, originating from the Litecoin version of Bitcoin, is committed to facilitating the settlement of Mars and supporting other space-related initiatives aimed at sustaining human life beyond Earth. It serves as a platform for experimenting with innovative technologies crucial for Mars colonists, including governance, voting systems, inventory management, trading, and efficient capital distribution. Engaging with and investing in Marscoin means you’re part of a meaningful push towards establishing a foothold on Mars.

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Why Marscoin?

Not every theme needs a token, but every planet needs a blockchain...

Launched in 2014, Marscoin represents an international effort by Mars enthusiasts, researchers, scientists, and volunteers, conceived in 2013 to support Martian colonization. The Mars Society received a donation of 1 million Marscoins, marking a significant step towards funding Mars' first settlement by establishing a pioneering financial system. Our diverse projects, presented at numerous conferences, aim to leverage Marscoin for initiatives like the blockchain experiment at the Mars Desert Research Station. Engaging with Marscoin, through adoption, trade, and donation, you'll contribute to these efforts, helping to boost Marscoin's value and, consequently, the mission's resources. As an early supporter, your role is pivotal in this historic endeavor. Join us to contribute and expand your knowledge. Our Whitepaper further explores Marscoin's foundational role in Mars' economy.

Marscoin's mission is to decentralize humanity by enabling the economic foundation for a future multi-planetary civilization, starting with Mars. It aims to provide a decentralized, autonomous currency system, overcoming communication delays and resource limitations through blockchain technology. Marscoin envisions facilitating efficient resource distribution, governance, and community building among Mars colonists, ensuring resilience against Earth-bound catastrophes and spurring technological advancements essential for interplanetary living. By joining this effort, participants contribute to pioneering the infrastructure for human settlement on Mars, promoting a unified, independent Martian economy.

Marscoin's vision is to establish a self-sufficient, decentralized financial and governance system for Mars colonization, fostering a sense of community and identity among future Martian settlers. It aims to create a robust economic bedrock that supports the sustainable development of human life on Mars, ensuring autonomy from Earth's institutions and promoting technological innovation for interplanetary communication and resource management. Through Marscoin, the vision extends to empowering a multiplanetary civilization where humans thrive on Mars with their own governance, economy, and culture, independent yet interconnected with Earth.

For the Science For the Challenge For the Future
For the Science For the Challenge For the Future

Open Source Blockchain

Our underlying Marscoin blockchain creates a decentralized trustless public ledger.


International Mars Community

A growing community of enthusiasts and researchers adopt the Marscoin standard.


Real world Experiments

Implementing blockchain based solutions for a frictionless future on Mars - today!


Building Software ready for Mars

Developing finance and governance tools for immediate use in early Martian settlements.

Why Mars?

Mars Society's Dr. Zubrin Answers "Why Go To Mars?"

“As I see it, there are three reasons why Mars should be the goal of our space program. In short it’s because Mars is where is Science is, it’s where is Challenge is, and it’s where the Future is.

A humans to Mars program would be a bracing call to youth: learn your science and you can be a pioneer of new worlds! Out of that challenge we would get millions of young scientists, engineers, inventors, doctors, medical researchers, and technological entrepreneurs. These are the kinds of people that advance society.  These are the people we need. This is the basis of our prosperity and our strength. A “Humans to Mars” program would bring them into being by the millions.

Finally, there is the future. Ask any American, “What happened in 1492?” They will say, “Well, Columbus sailed in 1492.” That is true, of course, but a lot of other things happened in 1492: England and France signed a peace treaty in 1492, the Borgias took over the Papacy, Lorenzo de’ Medici died in 1492. What matters is Columbus. He made our world possible. What we did to make their life possible, those billions of people living on thousands of planets in this region of the galaxy, will matter. This is what matters for the future. If you can do something that matters, you should.”

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