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  • We are proud to announce the release of Marscoin v.1.6 - Download your Marscoin blockchain node, wallets including a brand new Electrum Marscoin wallet.

Marscoin Expo 2022

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day millions of people will live on Mars. What about you? Marscoin is intriguing and worth paying attention to. Everyone is going to Mars: NASA, European Space Agency, the United Arab Emirates, and more! Elon Musk’s SpaceX is intent on landing "… on Mars by 2026"! This future is within reach, and we are here to talk about the future currency of Mars! On July 30th, at the Marscoin Expo, we will brief you about the future currency of Mars! The future decentralized governance systems of Mars. The future of technology for space faring mankind.

On July 30th, at the Marscoin Expo, we will brief you about the concept of Marscoin. We will also introduce our world-wide operating decentralized group of enthusiasts, scientists and developers - our purpose, our beliefs, where we are heading, and what we have done. We are excited to share our view on near and far-future potential regarding Marscoin and its roadmap. We want to unite everyone, connect, and form a community. Let’s get you into these professional networks to gain industry-level knowledge. You are part of what’s happening! We’ve organized influential & certified specialists and insiders to describe why this project matters - and what needs to happen next. Join us for our online, one-day conference. It’s free! Here’s the link to our second annual expo:

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A grassroots effort to lift humanity up.

Permanent human settlement of Mars is rapidly becoming a reality. SpaceX is developing a transportation solution and The Mars Society is working on surface logistics and infrastructure. If you share our dream of making humans a multiplanetary species, we invite you to join us. Purchasing and using Marscoin supports the non-profit Mars Society and allows you to directly contribute to the exploration and settlement of Mars.

Derived from the Litecoin fork of Bitcoin, Marscoin is dedicated to supporting the settlement of Mars and other space-related projects intended to get humans living and thriving off of planet earth. Marscoin is a testbed for experimentation with technologies that might help early colonists on Mars build governance, voting, inventory tracking, trading and capital allocation. Simply by using and investing in Marscoin, you are contributing to a serious bootstrapping effort to further a settlement on Mars.

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Help bootstrap the settlement of Mars!

In 2014 the Marscoin project, with the help of its volunteers, split a 1,000,000 donation of Marscoins between The Mars Society and Mars One. In 2019, the Mars Society asked for and took ownership of Mars One's half of the initial Marscoin donation, with the full support of Mars One's founder.

With your help – by adopting, utilizing, trading, donating Marscoin – we will be able to help fund humanity’s first settlement on Mars simply by kickstarting the financial system of the future Martian base. Many projects are underway which make use of the Marscoin infrastructure to advance research towards the human settlement on Mars. One example is an effort to establish a Marscoin-based blockchain experiment at the Mars Desert Research Station.

An increased value of Marscoin will mean increased financial means for the Mars movement. As an early adopter, you will be a part of this history. Our Whitepaper goes into further depth on the need for and execution of Mars’ own economic bedrock, the Marscoin Blockchain.

The Mars Society's Dr. Zubrin Answers "Why Go To Mars?"

"As I see it, there are three reasons why Mars should be the goal of our space program. In short it’s because Mars is where is Science is, it's where is Challenge is, and it's where the Future is.

A humans to Mars program would be a bracing call to youth: learn your science and you can be a pioneer of new worlds!

If you have it in your power to do something great, then you should."

The Blockchain for Mars

Powers the Marscoin ecosystem and Projects for the Settlement of Mars


2 minute blockchain confirmations.


39.9 Million hard limit. 38 million mined since 2014. Decentralized.

Open Source

Marscoin is open source and maintained by the Marscoin Foundation.


Proof of Work / SCRYPT hashing algorithm.


Online and offline wallets. PC, Linux, Mac, Windows Android.


Marscoin was born on 1.1.2014 – It’s one of the oldest blockchains ever.

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