Pioneering the Future of Martian Economy and Society

The Marscoin Expo 2021, held on Saturday, June 26th, was a virtual event that brought together visionaries, technologists, and space enthusiasts from around the globe. Focused on the exploration and eventual colonization of Mars, the expo delved into the practicalities of building a new society on the Red Planet, with Marscoin poised to be at the heart of this monumental human endeavor.

A Glimpse into the Future

Opening with remarks from Lennart Lopin, founder of Marscoin and President of the Marscoin Foundation, the expo set the tone for a day of forward-thinking discussions and presentations. Lopin’s update on the Marscoin project underscored the currency’s potential role in supporting the Martian economy and governance.

Highlights from the Expo

The Marscoin Expo 2021 was rich with topics covering every aspect of Martian colonization, from the technological to the social.

  • The Marscoin Experiment Platform by James Burk introduced attendees to a cutting-edge initiative aimed at testing and deploying blockchain technology in space conditions, potentially revolutionizing how transactions and governance could be managed on Mars.
  • Legal Tender’s Definition and Effects on Future Martian Society by Philipp Puaschunder offered a deep dive into the legal and economic implications of introducing a new currency system on Mars, examining how Marscoin could be structured to serve as legal tender in a Martian economy.
  • Improving the Marscoin Network With a Solar Satellite Constellation by Mike Lorrey presented an ambitious proposal to enhance communication and transaction speeds through a network of solar-powered satellites, illustrating the innovative approaches needed to overcome the challenges of interplanetary commerce.
  • An Innovative Ongoing Marketing Campaign for Marscoin by Jaka Azman & Primaz Novak showcased strategies to raise awareness and adoption of Marscoin among potential Mars colonists and enthusiasts, emphasizing the importance of community building.
  • The Role of Consulting in the New Space Economy explored how expertise in various fields could be leveraged to address the myriad challenges of establishing and growing a Martian colony, from infrastructure development to societal governance.
  • A Proposal for a Land Registry on the Marscoin Blockchain by Matt Wise and An NFT Marketplace for Digital Space Assets by Grant Blaisdell introduced the concept of using blockchain technology for managing property rights and digital assets in space, highlighting the versatility and potential of Marscoin beyond mere currency.
  • Noumenia Process – A Framework for Marscoin (and Martian Settlement) by Michael Laine, On the Importance of a Marscoin Army by Louis Balfour, and Governing the Marscoin Blockchain by Greg Tucker further expanded on the governance, security, and operational frameworks essential for a thriving Martian society.

Closing Remarks and Looking Forward

The event concluded with reflections from Lennart Lopin and James Burk, reiterating the importance of a unified vision for Mars colonization. Their closing remarks emphasized the critical role of Marscoin in facilitating not just economic transactions, but also in laying the groundwork for governance and community on Mars.

Conclusion: The Path to a Martian Society

The Marscoin Expo 2021 was more than a conference; it was a call to action for those who dream of life beyond Earth. Through the lens of Marscoin, attendees were invited to explore the practicalities of building a new world on Mars. From technological innovations to societal structures, the expo painted a picture of a future where humanity’s reach extends to the Red Planet, supported by the foundational blocks of Marscoin. As we look to the stars, Marscoin stands as a beacon for what could be the next giant leap for mankind.

Marscoin Expo 2021 Detailed Agenda

Opening Session

  • 10:00 AM EST (Miami) / 7:00 AM PST (Seattle) / 4:00 PM CEST (Vienna) / 11:00 PM JST (Tokyo)
    • Opening Remarks / Marscoin Project Update – Lennart Lopin

Morning Sessions

  • 10:40 AM EST
    • The Marscoin Experiment Platform – James Burk
  • 11:20 AM EST
    • Legal Tender’s Definition and Effects on Future Martian Society – Philipp Puaschunder
  • 12:00 PM EST
    • Improving Marscoin Network With a Solar Satellite Constellation – Mike Lorrey
  • 12:40 PM EST
    • An innovative ongoing Marketing campaign for Marscoin – Jaka Azman & Primaz Novak

Afternoon Sessions

  • 1:20 PM EST
    • The Role of consulting in the new space economy – Ivan Fino, Pietro Santoriello & Giulia De Rossi
  • 2:00 PM EST
    • A Proposal for a Land Registry on the Marscoin Blockchain – Matt Wise
  • 2:40 PM EST
    • An NFT marketplace for digital space assets – Grant Blaisdell
  • 3:20 PM EST
    • Noumenia Process – A Framework for Marscoin (and Martian Settlement) – Michael Laine
  • 4:00 PM EST
    • On the Importance of a Marscoin Army – Louis Balfour
  • 4:40 PM EST
    • Governing the Marscoin Blockchain – Greg Tucker

Closing Session

  • 5:20 PM EST
    • Closing Remarks – Lennart Lopin & James Burk
  • End of Event – 5:30 PM EST (Miami) / 2:30 PM PST (Seattle) / 11:30 PM CEST (Vienna) / 6:30 AM JST (Tokyo)

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