On August 5, 2019, a new achievement in the world of digital currency and space exploration was unlocked. The Mars Society, the leading advocate for the human exploration and settlement of Mars, announced its capacity to accept donations in various digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and notably, Marscoin. This momentous announcement signifies a pivotal leap forward in leveraging digital currency for the cause of interplanetary exploration.

Marscoin at the Heart of Mars Exploration Efforts

The Marscoin Foundation’s mission extends beyond the realms of cryptocurrency; it is a vision deeply entwined with the future of human life on Mars. The Mars Society’s decision to accept Marscoin donations is a testament to the growing recognition of our digital currency’s potential to fund and facilitate the ambitious goal of colonizing Mars. As a cryptocurrency designed with the Red Planet in mind, Marscoin is uniquely positioned to address the logistical and financial challenges of establishing a human presence on Mars.

A Strategic Partnership for the Future

The Marscoin Foundation is proud to have facilitated a significant donation of Marscoin to The Mars Society. This partnership between our foundation and the society is a strategic alignment of visions, where digital currency meets space exploration. By accepting Marscoin, The Mars Society not only diversifies its fundraising efforts but also embraces a future where Mars colonization becomes a reality.

The Evolution of Marscoin and Digital Currency Acceptance

The journey of Marscoin, from its inception to becoming a recognized medium for supporting Mars exploration, mirrors the evolving landscape of digital currencies. The decision by The Mars Society to accept digital currencies marks a significant shift in public perception and regulatory acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The Colorado Digital Token Act, which legitimizes digital currency transactions for non-profits and businesses, played a crucial role in this evolution. As pioneers of Marscoin, we are committed to adhering to these regulations, ensuring transparency and security in all transactions.

Marscoin: A Currency for Martian Society

Marscoin was created not just as a digital currency but as a foundational pillar for the future Martian economy. It envisions a scenario where Mars settlers utilize Marscoin for transactions, governance, and development on Mars. The inherent delays in communication between Earth and Mars necessitate a decentralized blockchain for Mars itself, separate and independent of Bitcoin, which Marscoin aims to provide. Our digital currency is designed to facilitate seamless transactions among Mars settlements and settlers making it an integral part of the Martian society blueprint.

A Unified Vision for Mars

The Mars Society’s adoption of Marscoin donations represents a significant endorsement of our vision. This collaboration underscores the potential of Marscoin to contribute meaningfully to the human settlement of Mars. Our initial donation and the subsequent transfer of the Mars One project’s Marscoin balance to The Mars Society are steps towards realizing this vision.

From the Mars Society’s Blog:

“Mr. Lopin joined the Mars Society in 2013 and announced the cryptocurrency at a session talk at our 2014 conference where he also presented an initial donation of 500,000 Marscoins to the Mars Society.

The idea behind Marscoin is that it could be the first financial model for the red planet, by assuming that the first settlers would bring a copy of its “Blockchain” to Mars.  The inherent communication delays between Mars and Earth could be overcome using this technology, and it could cater to the nascent needs of burgeoning settlements, including the use of smart contracts, supply chain management, and decentralized voting and communication technologies using the same Blockchain.  As a result, transactions among Mars settlements and between Earth and Mars could thus be seamlessly affected and also publicly transparent. Exploring these topics in advance and being the first to explore them has been the main drive behind the Marscoin project. 

In addition to the initial 500,000 donation of Marscoins presented to the Mars Society during the project’s initial announcement at our 2014 convention, a special digital wallet was created, and its physical token was given to our Founder and President Dr. Robert Zubrin.  

At the same time, an identical 500,000 donation of Marscoins was offered to the Mars One team, led by Bas Lansdorp.  Over the years, the Mars One project has had some setbacks, and it has now become apparent to many that the Mars One project may not be able to carry out their promised goals. Recently, Mars Society staff reached out to Mr. Lansdorp to inquire if he would be willing to re-assign the official wallet of Mars One to the Mars Society.  He agreed, and we worked with Mr. Lansdorp, Mr. Lopin, and the Marscoin Foundation to transfer the entire Mars One digital currency balance to the Mars Society’s digital wallet. This balance includes some smaller individual donations given by the Marscoin community to Mars One since 2014. The exact transaction log can be browsed publicly using the Marscoin Explorer website.” – The Mars Society

Looking Forward with Marscoin

The Marscoin Foundation is excited about the future prospects of digital currencies like Marscoin in supporting the noble cause of Mars exploration and settlement. We stand at the forefront of this innovative intersection between digital currency and space exploration, dedicated to advancing humanity’s journey to Mars.

As we continue to explore these new frontiers, Marscoin remains committed to supporting The Mars Society and other endeavors that align with our vision of a human presence on Mars. Together, we are laying the financial groundwork for the colonization of the Red Planet, one transaction at a time.