Introduction: The Marscoin network is set to receive a significant upgrade at block 3,000,000 as it integrates the ASERT (Aserti3-2d) difficulty adjustment algorithm. This critical update will be implemented in Marscoin versions 1.6.5 and 1.7.5, marking a milestone in the cryptocurrency’s journey towards greater stability and efficiency.

What is ASERT? ASERT, or Aserti3-2d, stands for “absolutely-scheduled exponentially rising targets,” a difficulty adjustment algorithm designed to enhance the stability and predictability of block times across the network. Originating from the Bitcoin Cash network, ASERT addresses fluctuations caused by varying hash rates and aims to maintain a consistent average block time, crucial for transaction processing and miner profitability.

Why ASERT? Prior to ASERT, Marscoin utilized traditional difficulty adjustment algorithms that could lead to erratic block times due to sudden changes in network hash rate. With Marscoin’s growing adoption as the token of choice for space enthusiasts and the increasing computational power dedicated to mining Marscoin, a more robust and responsive system was necessary. ASERT responds more smoothly to real-time changes in hash rate, ensuring a more predictable and stable mining environment.

Version Updates: For users of Marscoin, it’s essential to upgrade to the latest software versions to take full advantage of the improvements offered by ASERT:

  • Version 1.6 users should upgrade to 1.6.5
  • Version 1.7 users should upgrade to 1.7.5

These updates not only include the ASERT algorithm but also several other improvements and bug fixes that enhance the overall security and efficiency of the Marscoin network.

Implementation at Block 3,000,000: The choice of block 3,000,000 for launching ASERT is strategic, reflecting Marscoin’s commitment to timely and impactful updates. This block represents a significant milestone in Marscoin’s history, symbolizing maturity and readiness for future challenges as the cryptocurrency of space colonization.

What to Expect: Marscoin miners and users can expect a smoother experience post-upgrade. The ASERT algorithm is designed to ensure that the time between blocks remains consistent at approximately two minutes, regardless of significant increases or decreases in hash rate. This change is particularly beneficial for miners who will see more predictable rewards and for users who will experience faster and more reliable transaction confirmations. While dramatic hashrate changes will still impact the block generation, in general, the network should balance back more consistently.

Conclusion: The integration of the ASERT difficulty adjustment algorithm is a bold step forward for Marscoin, positioning it as a forward-thinking cryptocurrency ready to support the burgeoning space economy. As we approach block 3,000,000, all stakeholders are encouraged to update their systems to benefit from enhanced stability and performance, ensuring Marscoin continues to lead as the pioneer cryptocurrency of the final frontier. If you are using an Electrum client or ByteWallet no upgrade is needed!

Call to Action: Update today to Marscoin version 1.6.5 or 1.7.5 and be part of this monumental update. Together, we are paving the way to Mars and beyond. Ad Astra!