“Envisioning a Future on Mars”

The Marscoin Expo 2022, held virtually on Saturday, July 30th, was a beacon for those who dream of a future where humanity thrives beyond Earth. As space agencies and private companies like NASA, the European Space Agency, the United Arab Emirates, and SpaceX make strides toward Mars, the question of what life on the Red Planet looks like becomes increasingly pertinent. At the heart of this exploration is Marscoin, a concept that promises to be the future currency and governance system for Mars settlers.

A Vision for Millions on Mars

The Expo opened with a powerful message: “I have a dream that one day millions of people will live on Mars.” This sentiment set the stage for a day of presentations, discussions, and insights into not just the feasibility of living on Mars, but the logistics of building a society there. Marscoin, with its promise of a decentralized governance system, is poised to be at the forefront of this new era.

The Marscoin Concept

Attendees were introduced to the concept of Marscoin, a cryptocurrency designed to function as the backbone of a future Martian economy. The Expo showcased the global, decentralized group of enthusiasts, scientists, and developers behind Marscoin. Their purpose, beliefs, progress, and roadmap were shared, painting a vivid picture of a currency built for interplanetary trade and governance.

Building a Community for the Future

One of the key objectives of the Marscoin Expo 2022 was to unite individuals from various fields to form a community focused on the colonization of Mars. The event aimed to connect attendees with professional networks, offering industry-level knowledge and insights. Speakers at the Expo, all influential and certified specialists in their respective fields, discussed why Marscoin matters and what needs to happen next to bring this vision to fruition.

A Free, One-Day Online Conference

The Marscoin Expo 2022 was accessible to all, emphasizing the inclusive vision of the Marscoin project. By providing a platform for free, the Expo invited anyone interested in the future of Mars colonization to join the conversation, learn from experts, and contribute to the shaping of a new world.

Looking Ahead

As the second annual event of its kind, the Marscoin Expo 2022 built on the momentum of previous discussions while setting the stage for future developments. The enthusiasm and expertise present at the Expo underscore the growing interest in Mars colonization and the critical role that innovative technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies will play in this endeavor.

In conclusion, the Marscoin Expo 2022 offered a glimpse into a future where Mars is not just a destination but a home. The discussions and presentations highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts, innovative thinking, and community building in achieving this ambitious goal. As humanity looks to the stars, Marscoin stands as a testament to the possibility of creating a thriving society on Mars, underpinned by a currency and governance system designed for the unique challenges of life on the Red Planet.

Marscoin Expo 2022 Detailed Agenda

  • 9:00 AM EST (Miami) / 6:00 AM PST (Seattle) / 3:00 PM CEST (Vienna) / 10:00 PM JST (Tokyo)
    • Opening Remarks / Marscoin Project Update / v.1.6 – Development of The MARTIAN REPUBLIC – Lennart Lopin
  • Towards a Mars Metaverse – James Burk
  • Martian Republic Wallet – Challenges and Structure of Non-custodial browser based cryptocurrency wallet design – Sebastian Fabara
  • ByteWallet and Marscoin – Coin-swaps and Marscoin in a cutting-edge cross platform mobile wallet – Kenneth Shortrede
  • Marketing for Marscoin – Jaka Azman
  • The Road to Mars – Impressions from Brownsville, Starship and the timeline to living on Mars – Matt Wise
  • Fiction and Reality – Alec Peters
  • Million on Mars – Erik Bethke
  • Starship Singularity – Michael Laine
  • The Mars Initiative – Chris Bellant
  • Martian Simulation for Training – Mike Lorrey
  • Closing Remarks – Lennart Lopin & James Burk
  • End of Event – 5:30 PM EST (Miami) / 2:30 PM PST (Seattle) / 11:30 PM CEST (Vienna) / 6:30 AM JST (Tokyo)