Download Marscoin Wallets

Device and Platform Specific Wallets

Download one of the following applications based on your needs.

Marscoin Node v.1.6

The reference implementation

Marscoin server node in its latest version 1.6. Run your own Marscoin node, interact with the Marscoin node command line interface or explore the reference Qt client application. Download for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Marscoin Electrum

Based on the classic desktop wallet

Marscoin Electrum Edition is built on the original Electrum client. This wallet allows seed phrase wallets, multi sig wallets, advanced fee selection, message signing and more. Download for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Mobile Wallet

iPhone and Android wallet

Biometrically secure and seed phrase supported backup make this Marscoin wallet a favorite for users who prefer a good trade off between security and ease of use. Built into ByteWallet, a popular mobile wallet on both app stores, activate your Marscoin option.

Online Wallet

Sign up for our free online Marscoin wallet

Our cloud-based online wallet is available to store securely your Marscoin and transfer to others. Great toolkit to interact with the Marscoin blockchain and Marschain ecosystem.

Offline Wallet

Create a free Paper Marscoin wallet

The perfect gift for friends and relatives. A Marscoin offline paper wallet allows you to safely store your Marscoin or give them as a present to your kids, friends and family. These beautiful wallet designs were created by artists from the Marscoin community.

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