Marscoin Expo 2023

Saturday, August 26th, 2023 - 9AM US Eastern Time

A Virtual Online Event

What is Bitcoin's role in a future of a multi-planetary civilization? Marscoin is premised on the anticipated development and eventual colonization of the Red Planet by humans. Given the increasing emphasis on space exploration and the potential for humans to establish permanent colonies on Mars in the future, there is a plausible case to be made for a dedicated planetary cryptocurrency.
Here's how:

  • Decentralization and Autonomy: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are decentralized, meaning no single entity, including any Earth-based government or organization, has control over the currency. This attribute is crucial for a Mars-based society, which would likely aim to maintain autonomy and self-governance, including economic independence. Marscoin could serve as the primary currency for this potential colony, independent of Earth's economy.

  • Transmission Delays: Due to the distance between Earth and Mars, there can be significant communication delays ranging from 4 to 24 minutes, depending on the relative positions of the two planets in their orbits around the Sun. These delays could make real-time financial transactions between Earth and Mars impractical. A Mars-specific cryptocurrency could overcome these challenges, enabling quick and efficient intra-Mars transactions.

  • Limited Resources: Mars is a resource-limited environment. A Mars-based cryptocurrency would incentivize and potentially help manage the efficient use and distribution of resources. Similar to how Bitcoin incentivizes miners through rewards, Marscoin could incentivize the development of Mars' infrastructure, the discovery of resources, and other essential activities.

  • Blockchain for Governance: Beyond just being a currency, the underlying blockchain technology can also be leveraged for decentralized decision making, contract enforcement, property rights management, and other essential functions of a society. It can help establish a transparent, fair, and democratic system on Mars from the onset.

  • Resilience Against Earth Events: Should catastrophic events occur on Earth, having a separate monetary system ensures that the Martian economy remains unaffected. Marscoin, as a separate entity, could provide economic resilience for the Martian colony.

  • Spurring Technological Development: The need for a Mars-specific cryptocurrency would drive innovation in areas such as interplanetary communication, blockchain technology, energy-efficient mining algorithms, and secure cryptographic transactions.

  • Fostering Community and Identity: Finally, a unique cryptocurrency could help foster a sense of community and identity among Mars colonists. It could act as a unifying symbol of the Martian colony, fostering a sense of ownership and shared destiny.

(In the spirit of this year's OpenAI ChatGPT revolution, this case for Marscoin was made by GPT4)

It’s free! Here’s the link to our third annual expo:

Past & Present Keynote Speakers

Lennart Lopin

Founder, Marscoin & President, the Marscoin Foundation
Marscoin Project Update & Martian Republic Introduction
Lennart was born in North-Eastern Germany, grew up in Vienna, Austria and lives currently in Sarasota, Florida. Coming from an engineering family his first love was science, in particular Astrophysics. Mr. Lopin graduated from Rostock and Goettingen university in Germany in 2003 with a master’s degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. His thesis focused on automated text-analysis and summarization.

He discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and has been involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem ever since, including the launch of his own cryptocurrency project “Marscoin”, automated loan application processing platform “Standard and Riches” and cryptocurrency trading software “BitcoinMetaTrader”. In 2018 Mr. Lopin co-founded the Florida Blockchain Association, an industry specific alliance of businesses promoting blockchain technologies in Florida.

James Burk

Executive Director, The Mars Society
Towards a Mars Metaverse
James Burk is a founding member of The Mars Society, the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to sending people to Mars and settling Mars as a new branch of human civilization.

James is a former Microsoft manager and software engineer, having graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida. He's a certified Project Management Professional, Certified Scrum Master, cloud computing architect, and Microsoft technology expert. He recently became a Certified Blockchain Expert by the Blockchain Council.

James is also a PADI-certified scuba diver and professional analog astronaut, and will be commanding Crew 261 at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah in December 2021.

Additional Speakers

Michael Laine

Michael Laine is President of LiftPort Group - the commercial effort to build the Lunar Space Elevator. LiftPort Group is an "idea factory" focused on commercializing the spin-off technologies developed in pursuit of the Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. Michael has been involved with Space Elevator research since 2001 - as part of the definitive NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) study. At the NIAC conclusion, Laine used the accumulated knowledge to form LiftPort Group to push forward the concept and construct an Elevator on the Moon.

He and his team of accomplished engineers (and a legion of other specialists!) think we can build the Lunar Elevator in 8-12 years for ~$800M. Along the way, the LiftPort Group has discovered new metal alloys, holds records in robotics and ballooning, created a new method of weather monitoring.

Michael's professional experiences include U.S. Marine, investment advisor, internet entrepreneur and real estate developer, and he is President of the U.S. Alumni Association for the International Space University.

Sebastian Fabara

Martian Republic Wallet - Challenges and Structure of Non-custodial browser based cryptocurrency wallet design
Sebastian began his life in Ecuador, but his family quickly moved to the United States escaping corruption and in pursuit of freedom. He then grew up in Fort Lauderdale (FL) where, in 2014, he started experimenting with crypto by purchasing bitcoin using gift cards. He later moved to Orlando to pursue a degree in Computer Science at UCF, where he learned more about crypto and grew closer and closer to the ideals of decentralization for a more transparent and fair society. This led to him moving to Sarasota (FL) to work at Byte Federal, a crypto ATM company. Since then, he has worked on various projects including the Martian Republic with its Marscoin client-side wallet, a Marscoin-based proposal system, and his development in ByteWallet, a crypto and marscoin wallet, to bring cryptocurrencies closer to the users.

Kenneth Shortrede

ByteWallet and Marscoin - Coin-swaps and Marscoin in a cutting-edge cross platform mobile wallet
Originally from Argentina, and son of two tech-oriented parents, Kenneth began learning about technology in middle school by studying programming and competing in E-Sports tournaments at the highest level. Then in 2017, he travelled to the US to complete an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Rollins College (Orlando, FL). With an initial focus in the field of game development, and with a deep passion for freedom and decentralization, Kenneth naturally pivoted to blockchain and app development after moving to Sarasota (FL) and joining Byte Federal, where he has been working to expand the reach and influence of cryptocurrencies by developing varied technologies. Most recently he worked on Byte Federal’s mobile app to create a Swap that allows users to buy Marscoin with either US dollars, or with other cryptocurrencies.

Alec Peters

Fiction and Reality
Alec Peters, Jr. (born 3 September 1960; age 61) was founder of Propworx, which contracted with CBS Consumer Products from 2010-2012 to auction off Star Trek memorabilia, and was subsequently employed by CBS Consumer Products from 2011-2012 as archivist for their Star Trek archive. He is executive producer of the controversial fan film projects Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar and Axanar, which notably raised over half a million dollars in crowdfunding between 2014 and 2016.

Erik Bethke

Million on Mars
Bethke worked on Ultraviolet Spectrometer experiments under Doctor Doctorate.E. He began a career in the games industry working on GoPets, GoDance, Star Trek: Starfleet Command, Star Trek: Starfleet Command II: Empires at War and Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates. His first book, Game Development and Production, describing the methodology of creating games. Was edited by Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, Company-Chief executive officers of Bioware. A subsequent book, Settlers of the New Virtual Worlds, co-edited with Erin Hoffman, explored human and property rights in virtual worlds. Erik Bethke is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Million on Mars.

Matt Wise

The Road to Mars - Impressions from Brownsville, Starship and the timeline to living on Mars
Former Green Beret, Serial Entrepreneur, survivalist, inventor, crypto investor, future astronaut, and currently working with a team on the Carbon Capture XPrize competition.

Mike Lorrey

Mike Lorrey, a USAF veteran, has a range of experience in aerospace, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency. He developed the EZ-Rocket and Xerus flight simulators in the X-Plane simulator for XCOR Aerospace. He was part of the group of innovators developing the concepts that were eventually published and coded into the Bitcoin algorithm. He has been an advisor to FTX, Octaneum, Metalyfe blockchain web browser, Family Office Venture Capital, David Drake, and other family office organizations. He also developed the first virtual stock exchanges as a VR developer, and has served as an advisor to several cryptocurrency firms over the past decade. He currently develops content for Opensim, Decentraland, and Somnium Space based clients and serves as the chair of the Exhibits Committee for the International Spaceflight Museum. His current project is a virtual world Mars Base which will serve as a virtual analog astronaut training facility for various organizations and individuals seeking to become professional astronauts or Martian colonists.

Jaka Azman

Marscoin marketing and attendance at crypto events
Earning his Masters Degree and MBA on the Faculty of Economics Ljubljana. In his career he managed multiple sales and marketing roles for international companies as for example; Johnson and Johnson, Generali Insurance, then moving into IT and Business processes management, whereby leading BI and machine learning projects for a major retail holding Aspiag management ag. This way he gathered valuable experiences that gave him the whole set of repertoire for being able to manage complex businesses. But there was one catch and that is his openness and boldness to try new revolutionary things that is impossible to persue in corporate settings! Being also an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2012 "whereby he lost all of it in an hacker attack" and Dogecoin holder since 2013, he decided to find the next altcoin with solid foundametails, great team and a higher vision to co-create with his entrepreneurial spirit! And this was the start of his journey with the Marscoin organization that motivated him to found his company J&A Marsian that will create further on the Marscoin Ecosystem, while developing the Mars gaming and virtual reality segments.

Chris Bellant

The Mars Initiative
Chris Bellant is an operations planner for the International Space Station (ISS) by day, but by night, he’s the executive director for the Mars Initiative. Through this nonprofit, he’s able to help humanity get closer to exploring Mars through both grant programs and its Mars Prize Fund. Citing a childhood love for Star Trek, Chris Bellant was driven to get a degree in aerospace engineering. Eventually, he was able to work on his passion project — getting humanity further into the cosmos.

Jeff Rayner

MXTreality / MarsVR
MXTreality CEO, Jeff Rayner has over 20 years of experience with tech start-ups across the globe; building partnerships, developing next-gen products, and building great teams. For the past 8 years, Jeff has been innovating with the latest tech (VR, AR, MR, drones, haptic suits, 360 cameras, assistive tech, acccesible peripherals) to improve common problems through virtual gamification. Solutions developed span multiple fields including architecture, art, aviation, construction, education, medical, space travel, and beyond. From full sensory immersive training experiences to educating around homelessness via virtual homes, from touring Mars to training how to survive, from diagnosing spatial neglect to researching alternative movement for those with paralysis; Jeff and his team are driving the innovation that will improve our future decisions and our lives.

Michelle Weekley

Byte Federal
Michelle W. has spent more than 20 years working in the startup and technology industries and has been studying the internet since 1998. She has traveled all over the world, lived in the UAE and spent time working in China. While abroad she worked in Foreign Direct Investment where she witnessed immense global corruption which ultimately led her to Bitcoin in 2016. She is now heavily involved in the bitcoin ecosystem and working as the Director of Product Development, for Byte Federal, one of the original Bitcoin ATM companies helping to develop new digital products.

Zeeshan Hameed

As a Business Development Manager at a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange, Mr. Hameed excels in project listings, contract negotiations, and maintaining client relationships. Before this role, Hameed gained significant experience at two major remittance and foreign exchange firms in the Middle East, handling customer interactions and ensuring regulatory compliance. Zeeshan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with an emphasis on accounting and business management. Proficient in English, Urdu, and Hindi, and with a foundational knowledge of Arabic, Mr. Hameed harbors a deep interest in the transformative potential of the cryptocurrency sector. Mr. Hameed is always on the lookout to expand their professional network in this dynamic industry.

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