Marscoin Expo 2021

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

A Virtual Online Event · Free and Open to the Public

Keynote Speakers

Lennart Lopin

Founder, Marscoin

James Burk

The Mars Society

Event Agenda

Below are several proposed topics. The final agenda will be posted closer to the event. We envision a full day of keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions. There will also be ways for attendees to network virtually.
  • Marscoin and Martian settlement politics
  • Marscoin Whitepaper - a manifesto
  • Letting Bitcoin fully blossom: Marscoin on Mars and legacy (banking) systems on Earth
  • Blockchains and ownership - from title registration to resource tracking
  • Catalyst of progress: private property, blockchains and a critical mass for economics on Mars
  • Marscoin Technical Progress Report - Overview
  • MDRS outlook - implementation of DiD (decentralized IDs) for voting
  • IPFS on Mars - storing data decentralized as a public resource
  • MDRS outlook - tracking sensor data, oracles and IPFS on Mars
  • PoW or PoS for Mars?
  • The power of the network effect - being the "first" cryptocurrency in a new environment
  • Blockchains and Fundraising off-world
  • Attack of the Miners? How will Mars avoid Earth mining attacks?
  • Historic parallels - North American Settlement and a Jamestown on Mars.

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Want to learn more about Marscoin? Check out our Whitepaper. A manifesto for a new financial system and governance for Mars