Marscoin Expo 2021

Saturday, June 26th, 2021 - 10AM US Eastern Time

A Virtual Online Event

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Keynote Speakers

Lennart Lopin

Founder, Marscoin & President, the Marscoin Foundation
Marscoin Project Update
Lennart was born in North-Eastern Germany, grew up in Vienna, Austria and lives currently in Sarasota, Florida. Coming from an engineering family his first love was science, in particular Astrophysics. Mr. Lopin graduated from Rostock and Goettingen university in Germany in 2003 with a master’s degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. His thesis focused on automated text-analysis and summarization.

He discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and has been involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem ever since, including the launch of his own cryptocurrency project “Marscoin”, automated loan application processing platform “Standard and Riches” and cryptocurrency trading software “BitcoinMetaTrader”. In 2018 Mr. Lopin co-founded the Florida Blockchain Association, an industry specific alliance of businesses promoting blockchain technologies in Florida.

James Burk

Director of InfoTech, The Mars Society
The Marscoin Experiment Platform
James Burk is a founding member of The Mars Society, the world's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to sending people to Mars and settling Mars as a new branch of human civilization.

James is a former Microsoft manager and software engineer, having graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida. He's a certified Project Management Professional, Certified Scrum Master, cloud computing architect, and Microsoft technology expert. He recently became a Certified Blockchain Expert by the Blockchain Council.

James is also a PADI-certified scuba diver and professional analog astronaut, and will be commanding Crew 261 at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah in December 2021.

Additional Speakers

Grant Blaisdell

An NFT marketplace for digital space assets
Grant has been creating ventures at the intersection of new technologies between the US and Europe since his late teens. An early innovator in applying blockchain technology to various industries, the companies Grant has co-founded include the leading Blockchain Analytics and AML company, Confirm, and the marketplace for digital Space assets and companies, Copernic Space. By applying innovative models and technologies such as blockchain, Copernic Space makes digital space assets such as satellite imagery and or even fractional ownership of a satellite accessible and easy to acquire for millions around the world. Space enterprises can easily manage and monetize their digital space assets and applications in one place while the global market benefits from an easy way to discover, acquire, and access them. The 3rd generation in his family to be involved in space, Grant has been engaged with the space economy since childhood, is the mind behind the model fueling Copernic Space, and is also the President of the Lady Rocket Foundation.

Philipp Puaschunder

Legal Tender's Definition and Effects on Future Martian Society
Philipp grew up in Vienna, Austria, and received his master's degree in mathematics from the University of Vienna. He has worked as a software engineer, online merchant, college instructor, mathematical analyst, artist, and trader in financial instruments including crypto.

Michael Laine

Noumenia Process - A Framework for MarsCoin (and Martian settlement)
Michael Laine is President of LiftPort Group – the commercial effort to build the Lunar Space Elevator. LiftPort Group is an "idea factory" focused on commercializing the spin-off technologies developed in pursuit of the Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. Michael has been involved with Space Elevator research since 2001 – as part of the definitive NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) study. At the NIAC conclusion, Laine used the accumulated knowledge to form LiftPort Group to push forward the concept and construct an Elevator on the Moon.

He and his team of accomplished engineers (and a legion of other specialists!) think we can build the Lunar Elevator in 8-12 years for ~$800M. Along the way, the LiftPort Group has discovered new metal alloys, holds records in robotics and ballooning, created a new method of weather monitoring.

Michael’s professional experiences include U.S. Marine, investment advisor, internet entrepreneur and real estate developer, and he is President of the U.S. Alumni Association for the International Space University.

Matt Wise

Proposal for a Mars Land Registry based on the Marscoin Blockchain
Former Green Beret, Serial Entrepreneur, survivalist, inventor, crypto investor, future astronaut, and currently working with a team on the Carbon Capture XPrize competition.

Mike Lorrey

Proposal for Improving Marscoin Network With a Solar Satellite Constellation
Mike Lorrey, a USAF veteran, has a range of experience in aerospace, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency. He developed the EZ-Rocket and Xerus flight simulators in the X-Plane simulator for XCOR Aerospace. He was part of the group of innovators developing the concepts that were eventually published and coded into the Bitcoin algorithm. He has been an advisor to FTX, Octaneum, Metalyfe blockchain web browser, Family Office Venture Capital, David Drake, and other family office organizations. He also developed the first virtual stock exchanges as a VR developer, and has served as an advisor to several cryptocurrency firms over the past decade. He currently develops content for Opensim, Decentraland, and Somnium Space based clients and serves as the chair of the Exhibits Committee for the International Spaceflight Museum. His current project is a virtual world Mars Base which will serve as a virtual analog astronaut training facility for various organizations and individuals seeking to become professional astronauts or Martian colonists.

Greg Tucker

Proposal for Governing the Marscoin Blockchain
Greg Tucker is a professional of the IT industry of 30 years and of a blockchain startup for three years. Greg started mining Marscoin in 2019 and is building solutions for cross-border payments and global access to permissionless financial systems.

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