Marscoin Expo 2022

Saturday, July 30th, 2022 - 9AM US Eastern Time

A Virtual Online Event

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09:00 AM Miami
6:00 AM Seattle
3:00 PM Vienna
10:00 PM Tokyo

Opening Remarks / Marscoin Project Update / v.1.6 - Development of The MARTIAN REPUBLIC

Lennart Lopin

Towards a Mars Metaverse

James Burk

Martian Republic Wallet - Challenges and Structure of Non-custodial browser based cryptocurrency wallet design

Sebastian Fabara

ByteWallet and Marscoin - Coin-swaps and Marscoin in a cutting-edge cross platform mobile wallet

Kenneth Shortrede

Marketing for Marscoin

Jaka Azman

The Road to Mars - Impressions from Brownsville, Starship and the timeline to living on Mars

Matt Wise

Fiction and Reality

Alec Peters

Million on Mars

Erik Bethke

Starship Singularity

Michael Laine

The Mars Initiative

Chris Bellant

Martian Simulation for Training

Mike Lorrey

Closing Remarks

Lennart Lopin & James Burk

5:30 PM Miami
2:30 PM Seattle
11:30 PM Vienna
6:30 AM Tokyo

End of Event

Want to learn more about Marscoin? Check out our Whitepaper. A manifesto for a new financial system and governance for Mars