Marscoin Expo 2021

Saturday, June 26th, 2021 - 10AM US Eastern Time

A Virtual Online Event

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10:00 AM Miami
7:00 AM Seattle
4:00 PM Vienna
11:00 PM Tokyo

Opening Remarks / Marscoin Project Update

Lennart Lopin

10:40 AM EST

The Marscoin Experiment Platform

James Burk

11:20 EST

Legal Tender's Definition and Effects on Future Martian Society

Philipp Puaschunder

12:00 PM EST

Improving Marscoin Network With a Solar Satellite Constellation

Mike Lorrey

12:40 PM EST

An innovative ongoing Marketing campaign for Marscoin

Jaka Azman & Primaz Novak

1:20 PM EST

The Role of consulting in the new space economy

Ivan Fino, Pietro Santoriello & Giulia De Rossi

2:00 PM EST

A Proposal for a Land Registry on the Marscoin Blockchain

Matt Wise

2:40 PM EST

An NFT marketplace for digital space assets

Grant Bliasdell

3:20 PM EST

Noumenia Process - A Framework for Marscoin (and Martian Settlement)

Michael Laine

4:00 PM EST

On the Importance of a Marscoin Army

Louis Balfour

4:40 PM EST

Governing the Marscoin Blockchain

Greg Tucker

5:20 PM EST

Closing Remarks

Lennart Lopin & James Burk

5:30 PM Miami
2:30 PM Seattle
11:30 PM Vienna
6:30 AM Tokyo

End of Event

Want to learn more about Marscoin? Check out our Whitepaper. A manifesto for a new financial system and governance for Mars