Marscoin whitepaper

MARSCOIN – Truestless-Ledger Technology implications for a Martian Society

A Virtuous Cycle Incentivized

The utility of digital ledger technology in new space colonies and in particular on humankind’s first step into becoming a multi-planetary species cannot be overestimated. The range of applications that span from basic IoT devices measuring a colony’s output to trade interactions across the solar system point to an ample field of applications in which transparent yet immutable accounting between individuals and spacefaring groups will become an indispensable tool of self-organization.
We predict that, just as other frontier technologies (bioengineering, nuclear, robotics) will be freed from Earthly constraints—whether political or administrative, cultural, or a general risk-adversity—Martian experimentation in the arena of programmable realtime digital ledger technology, blockchains, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance will be dramatic yet inexorable.