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The Bitcoin for Mars

“Marscoin proposes a public funding model for space colonization based on a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network, built on the Bitcoin code. It tackles the largely unsolved funding hurdles for mankind’s space exploration efforts by establishing a global, supra-national, voluntary currency that attempts to bootstrap future Mars colonies, incentivizing adoption of the digital currency as a stake in the colonies’ future economy. Individuals that adopt this global voluntary currency to support space development elevate the exchange rate of the currency due to increased use as existing capital exchanges for Marscoin. This provides the early Marscoin network participants with increased purchasing power necessary to support space exploration related activities and ideally boosts efforts to construct a future base.

A copy of Marscoin, which is in essence a cryptographically secured public ledger, can then be transferred to the new colony, where it becomes the backbone of the future settlement’s financial system. This proposed physical transfer of a snapshot of the Marscoin network with all addresses and balances of early participants of the Marscoin cryptocurrency thus not only enables the new colony ahead of time, but becomes the bedrock of the planet’s growing economy. By virtue of its intrinsic algorithmic scarcity and immunity to inflation, any economic growth in the future colony will be reflected in the rising value of the currency on the new planet. As mission milestones are met, adoption rates are expected to accelerate and therefore increase the purchasing power of an individual Marscoin. The net effect of this increasing value allows mission funding to become increasingly effective as the launch date nears.

This model creates an incentive for the early stakeholders to achieve progress quickly and efficiently, and for an engaged and directly involved public. Marscoin is a proof-of-concept, a global scale social experiment, exploring financially viable private methods in dramatically lowering the threshold for funding colonies beyond planet Earth. It directly involves the general public in space exploration as it offers tangible participation in the project with possible future financial benefits through a globally scarce cryptographically secured unit of account used for daily exchange…” (Quote from the whitepaper “Marscoin – A cryptocurrency exploring private funding to bootstrap space colonization“, abstract accepted by the Mars Society for the 17th annual international Mars convention)

Donations to further Space Exploration Activities

In early 2014 the young Marscoin community came together to donate the majority of coins mined in the first few months of the coins existence to two major Mars colonization proponents. These two public non for profit entities were the Mars-One project, an international effort to raise funds for a one-way colonization effort and the Mars Society – the world’s largest pro-space outreach organization.

In 2018 Mars-One ceased official operations. Though the organization is still active in pursuing funding we were able to co-ordinate a transfer of the donated Marscoin from Mars-One to the Mars Society. Bas Lansdorp, in 2019 kindly released the donation to the Mars Society. Also in 2019, the Mars Society started officially supporting cryptocurrency donations:

"In addition to the initial 500,000 donation of Marscoins presented to the Mars Society during the project’s initial announcement at our 2014 convention, a special digital wallet was created, and its physical token was given to our Founder and President Dr. Robert Zubrin.

At the same time, an identical 500,000 donation of Marscoins was offered to the Mars One team, led by Bas Lansdorp. Over the years, the Mars One project has had some setbacks, and it has now become apparent to many that the Mars One project may not be able to carry out their promised goals. Recently, Mars Society staff reached out to Mr. Lansdorp to inquire if he would be willing to re-assign the official wallet of Mars One to the Mars Society. He agreed, and we worked with Mr. Lansdorp, Mr. Lopin, and the Marscoin Foundation to transfer the entire Mars One digital currency balance to the Mars Society’s digital wallet. This balance includes some smaller individual donations given by the Marscoin community to Mars One since 2014. The exact transaction log can be browsed publicly using the Marscoin Explorer website.

In closing, the Mars society is excited at the opportunities afforded by digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Marscoin and others, and will now join the American Red Cross and the United Way as major non-profit organizations in the U.S. that accept digital currencies as legitimate and legally sanctioned donations.

(Press Release: Mars Society Now Accepts Donations in Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies, August 5th, 2019).

This is a link to the public Marscoin Blockchain where anyone can transparently check the current status of the donation that the Mars Society has received

Marscoin’s future development is backed
by the non for profit
“Marscoin Foundation, Inc”
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✔ scrypt Litecoin-based cryptocurrency
✔ DarkGravityWave network protection (retarget every block)
✔ confirmation block every 2 Mars minutes (123 seconds)
✔ subsidy halves every Mars year (668 sols)
✔ 721 blocks per sol
✔ 50 coins per block
✔ 48 million total coins by 2024
✔ 500k donation for non-profit MarsOne
✔ 500k donation for The Mars Society
✔ Current 6.2 Mio MARS – fair release to 1000s of miners & mintpal, bittrex exchanges
✔ Symbol: MARS
✔ developed and supported by The Marscoin Foundation, Inc.

NO premine. Voluntary community donations by individual miners to Mars One and The Mars Society.


✔ Genesis block 01/01/2014
Live presentation: 1st CryptoCurrencyConvention – in NYC
   see video here
   view slides here
✔ Continuous updates on wallet software and network algorithm
✔ Online wallet beta release
Live presentation: 17th Annual International Mars Society Convention
✔ International developer team